Are you searching for the sake of entertainment ways of celebrating jump day? You want to attempt this delectable leap-year cocktail juice Made in 1928, this simple beverage recipe has been exemplary from that point forward, and you need four fixings and five minutes to make it!

I’ve tumbled down somewhat of a jump-year dark hole this year! I don’t have any idea why however I never pondered February 29th previously, yet presently I’m rising over with fun thoughts for spending this once-like clockwork (or thereabouts) day.

A glass of vibrant green Leap Year Cocktail juice on a wooden table with mint leaves garnish.
Enjoy the refreshing taste of the Leap Year Cocktail juice, perfect for any occasion.

Perhaps the coolest thing I’ve found during my inquiry is that there’s a unique Jump Year Mixed drink. The recipe for this drink was created in 1928 (more data on that underneath). I needed to attempt it, and it was delish!

You will cherish this Jump Year Drink as well, particularly if you’re a gin or vermouth fan! This exemplary mixed drink is a strong beverage (it certainly has a boozy kick) with even sweet and unpleasant flavors, alongside notes of splendid citrus from the new lemon juice and orange alcohol.

Best of all? You just need four fixings to make it, and no unique abilities are required. This recipe is so natural and enjoyable to make that you’ll need to appreciate it more frequently than once every quite a long time. Try not to save it only for your jump year celebration!

Prepared to begin tasting? Then, at that point, continue to peruse for every one of the flavorful subtleties!

history of the drink

The Jump Year Mixed drink was developed by Harry Craddock at the Savoy Lodging in London for a jump day festivity on February 29, 1928.

Harry Craddock was one of the most renowned barkeeps of the 1920s and 1930s. He made various notable mixed drinks, including the White Woman and the well-known Carcass Reviver #2. You can in any case purchase a duplicate of his book, The Savoy Mixed Drink Book, which is number one among barkeeps and home mixologists the same.

The Jump Year Drink has a great time portrayal in the book: “It is said to have been liable for additional recommendations than ever blended.” Maybe that is a sign of approval for the practice of ladies proposing on jump day!


You just need four fixings to make this intense beverage:

  • Gin – This is a gin-based mixed drink, and I’d propose utilizing a London Dry Gin. I utilized Beefeater, however Portage’s or Tanqueray would likewise function admirably.
  • Sweet Vermouth – You’ll likewise require a sweet vermouth. I utilized Dropkick e Mes, which has a decent combo of sweet and unpleasant flavors, however, Carpano Antica Recipe is another less harsh choice.
  • Orange Alcohol – The exemplary decision for this recipe is Excellent Marnier, a cognac-based orange alcohol. I was attempting to involve bottles that were at that point in my alcohol bureau, so I went with Cointreau all things considered, and I loved it. Utilize Amazing Marnier on the off chance that you might want to adhere to the exemplary recipe. It’s likewise somewhat better and will adjust the beverage’s severe flavors somewhat more.
  • Lemon Juice – You’ll likewise require a little lemon juice. Make a point to crush it new for the best outcomes!
A glass filled with vibrant green Leap Year Cocktail juice on a wooden table, garnished with mint leaves.
Elevate your cocktail game with the Leap Year Cocktail juice.


This tomfoolery Jump Year recipe couldn’t be more straightforward to make! You’ll find a point-by-point recipe card underneath, however, here’s an outline of the means:

  • Fill the shaker with ice. Begin by filling your mixed drink shaker about ¾-full with ice.
  • Add fixings to the shaker. Then, measure and add your fixings to the shaker.
  • Shake the beverage. Close your shaker, then, at that point, shake overwhelmingly for around 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Strain + embellish. Strain the beverage into a car glass, then, at that point, decorate it with a lemon contort. Tip: To make a lemon contort, utilize a channel blade to eliminate a flimsy segment of skin from a lemon (before squeezing). Contort the skin into a tight winding, holding it for a few seconds or until it keeps a turn.

Wasn’t so natural? I love a tasty beverage, similar to this Jump Year Mixed drink, which you can put together in less than five minutes!

Tip: Assuming you’re making two mixed drinks, go ahead and save time by making them both in a similar shaker.

Jump Year Mixed drink

Figure out how to take this exemplary Jump Year Drink with only four fixings!

Planning Time5minutes mins
Absolute Time5minutes mins
Author: Tehmina Ashraf


  1. 2 ounces gin (utilize a London Dry Gin, like Beefeater, Passage’s, or Tanqueray)
  2. ½ ounce sweet vermouth (like Dropkick e Mes or Carpano Antica Recipe)
  3. ½ ounce Fantastic Marnier (or other orange alcohol)
  4. ¼ ounce new lemon juice
  5. lemon bend, for embellish (see note)


  • Mixed drink Shaker
  • Jigger
  • Roadster Glass


  • Fill mixed drink shaker about ¾-full with ice.
  • Add gin, vermouth, Great Marnier, and lemon juice to the shaker.
  • Closer shaker, then shake for around 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Strain mixed drink into roadster glass. Decorate with lemon turn.
  • Serve right away. Appreciate!
A glass of vibrant green Leap Year Cocktail juice on a wooden table, garnished with mint leaves.
Quench your thirst with the refreshing Leap Year Cocktail juice


To make a lemon wind, utilize a channel blade to eliminate a slight segment of skin from a lemon (before squeezing). Turn the skin into a tight winding, holding for a few seconds or until it keeps a contort.
If you want to quantify the fixings in milliliters, you will require 60 ml gin, 15 ml sweet vermouth, 15 ml Excellent Marnier, and 7.5 ml lemon juice.
Try to peruse the data before this recipe card to more deeply study the beverage’s set of experiences, supportive tips, and related recipes!


Calories: 211kcal
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