Mosambi Juice

Mosambi Juice: Sweet, citrusy, and profoundly reviving, my recipe (otherwise called Sweet Lime Juice) is a delicious method for beating the late spring heat. With a fruity flavor and a sweet taste, this superb Indian drink is one you essentially should attempt whenever you’re feeling hot and exhausted.

 A glass of refreshing mosambi juice with ice cubes and mint leaves.
Indulge in the citrusy goodness of mosambi juice

About Mosambi Juice

If you presently can’t seem to attempt the heavenly organic product known as Mosambi (Sweet Lime), you’re in for a genuine delight. With undeniably less corrosiveness than different assortments of citrus, while as yet keeping up with the unmistakable citrusy kind of limes, this sweet natural product is number one for squeezing.

At times the natural products themselves are not brilliant for eating – they have a thick skin and a ton of seeds – yet their sweet, limeade flavor and bountiful juice make them an ideal possibility for transforming into natively constructed juice.

Like nimbu pani, mosambi juice is frequently enhanced with sulfurous dark salt, natural cumin powder, and tart chaat masala. Both of these normal Indian beverages are effectively accessible from road sellers in Bombay and Delhi, and understandably: they help to cool and revive the body in extreme intensity.

Besides being reviving, mosambi juice has numerous positive medical advantages. Likewise, with most different kinds of citrus, it is high in L-ascorbic acid and is many times utilized as an all-encompassing treatment for normal colds and flu.

Sweet lime juice is likewise great for absorption, easing movement infection, and has hostile to congestive properties that can assist with keeping asthma under control, among different advantages. This flavorful solution can truly do everything!

It ought to be noticed that sweet lime juice is very defenseless to oxidation. The more it is in touch with the air, the more harsh it becomes. It is accordingly critical to drink the juice not long after making it. As such, this isn’t a recipe for your feast prep day.

In this recipe post, I’ll show both of you techniques for making hand-crafted mosambi juice. The primary strategy requires a natural product juicer or extractor, while the subsequent technique manages with a blender.

ingredients and Replacements

Mosambi (Sweet Limes) – It ought to shock no one that to make mosambi juice, you want to buy mosambi! The ripest natural products ought to be weighty for their size, they are overall quite delicious to demonstrate that they. You can likewise test for readiness by softly scratching the skin of a sweet lime; on the off chance that it is ready, the rejuvenating balms ought to be observable and simple to smell on your fingertips. Stay away from natural products that are stained, dry, or springy-looking.

Sugar – Contingent upon the pleasantness of your mosambi, you might have to add pretty much sugar to taste. I favor utilizing honey or granulated sugar, however, go ahead and utilize any sugar you have available.

Dark Salt – While discretionary, the interesting, somewhat sulfurous kind of kala namak (a.k.a. dark salt) is a conventional and incredibly heavenly expansion to this boost recipe.

Cooked Cumin Powder – Additionally discretionary, yet all the same strongly suggested. For best outcomes, utilize entire cumin seeds that you dry dish in a skillet until sweet-smelling, then mix in your zest processor.

Chaat Masala – This flavor blend is some way or another all the while harsh, tart, and flavored, making it a great expansion to mosambi juice. You can preclude it on the off chance that you like, however I propose checking it out!

Step-by-step instructions to Make Mosambi Juice

With regards to making juice at home, you can either put resources into an electric juicer or select to utilize a standard blender. While utilizing the juicer makes the cycle a little cleaner and simpler, it isn’t required.

Technique 1: Utilizing a Juicer

Strip and shape the mosambi.

In an electric juicer, add the sweet lime pieces to the juice feeder and concentrate the juice.

Add sugar or honey to taste and mix to consolidate.

Serve mosambi juice regardless of some ice shapes; go ahead and serve it plain or with some dark salt, chaat masala, and cooked cumin powder. Appreciate right away.

Technique 2: Utilizing a Blender

Strip and eliminate the seeds from the sweet lime.

In a blender mix the sweet lime pieces.

Presently strain the juice in a fine sifter. The mash will get gathered in the sifter.

Crush the mash or press the mash with the back of a spoon in the sifter to separate the extra squeeze. Dispose of the mash.

Add sugar or honey to the separated juice, to taste.

Add some ice blocks and serve mosambi juice chilled, either plain or with kala namak, cooked cumin, and chaat masala. Appreciate right away.

A glass filled with mosambi juice, garnished with mint leaves and served with ice cubes.
Dive into the zesty goodness of mosambi juice.

Master Tips

Making mosambi juice is a clear cycle, yet there are a couple of things to remember:

1: Add sugar and prepare to taste. Contingent upon the natural product, you could have to add extra sugar. You can likewise select to serve the sweet lime squeeze plain like a limeade or pick to prepare it with dark salt, simmered cumin powder, and chaat masala.

2: Drink rapidly. Mosambi juice is truly powerless to oxidation and will turn out to be unpleasant whenever it has been presented to air for a brief period. Keep it sweet by drinking it when you have it squeezed!

3: Pick great organic products. Likewise, with most recipes, you need to guarantee that your produce is looking great. This additionally applies to making juice! Pick sweet limes that are weighty for their size, are liberated from imperfections or staining, and radiate a citrusy fragrance when daintily scratched with your fingernail.


Where could I at any point find Mosambi sweet limes?
Here in India, you can find mosambi in most supermarkets, and it slows down, particularly throughout the mid-year. From what I have heard, it is very hard to source mosambi in the US and different places abroad. If you can’t utilize sweet limes, trading in oranges with a touch of lime zing, pomelos, or Meyer lemons are fine substitutes.

Could I at any point drink mosambi juice as a feature of a quick?
Totally! Sweet lime is an amazing juice for Hindu fasting or vrat in the Navratri season. It will give you energy and hold you back from becoming dried out.

What is the distinction between oranges and mosambi?
Curiously, oranges are a half-and-half citrus organic product produced using cross-pollinating pomelos and mandarins, though sweet limes are a particular assortment of citrus known as citrus limetta. Oranges taste better profile than sweet limes, yet they can be utilized as a substitute when there’s no other option.


▢6 to 7 sweet limes (mosambi) – stripped and cleaved or fragments eliminated
▢crude sugar or honey as required – relies upon the pleasantness of the sweet limes, discretionary
▢2 to 3 squeezes of dark salt or as required, discretionary
▢½ teaspoon cooked cumin powder or as required, discretionary
▢½ teaspoon chaat masala or as required, discretionary


Making Mosambi Juice In A Juicer

In an electric juicer, add the sweet lime pieces to the juice feeder and concentrate the juice.
Add sugar or honey as indicated by taste and mix. If the sweet limes are sweet, there is a compelling reason need for any sugar.
Serve Mosambi Juice in tall glasses immediately. Alternatively, you can finish off the juice with a couple of portions of dark salt as well as simmered cumin powder.

Make Sweet Lime Juice In A Blender

Eliminate the seeds from the sweet lime portions.
In a blender add the fragments. Mix to a smooth consistency.
Presently strain the sweet lime juice in a fine sifter.

The mash will get gathered in the sifter.
Crush the mash or press the mash with the back of a spoon in the sifter to separate the extra squeeze.
Dispose of the mash.
Add sugar or honey if necessary to the stressed sweet lime juice.
Serve Sweet Lime Squeeze right away. You can decorate with a couple of mint twigs while serving.

A glass filled with freshly squeezed mosambi juice, garnished with mint leaves and ice cubes.
Savor the citrusy goodness of mosambi juice


On the off chance that you are making sweet lime juice for strict Hindu quick or vrat, then add consumable stone salt (sendha namak).
Attempt to juice with the sweet tasting sweet limes. On the off chance that the sweet limes are not sufficiently sweet, you should have some sugar.
Go ahead and add your favored sugars.

Try not to store the juice as it turns out to be harsh. Drink it when you make it.


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